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6 Channel Audio Mixer with FX, reverb, EQ

  • $20.00
  • Product Code:MIXER-BEH-QX602
  • Availability:In Stock

6-input, 2-bus analog mixer with Xenyx mic preamps, British-style 3-band EQ, and a built-in MP3 player. The icing on the cake; however, is the onboard Klark Teknik FX processor that supplies you with great-sounding reverbs and delays. There's a per-channel FX send, plus an FX to control room function that lets you monitor effects via headphones and the control room outs. On the output side, the Behringer Xenyx QX602MP3 gives you mains, plus separate control room and headphones outputs. On top of that, the onboard MP3 player lets you access audio files from a USB stick. 

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